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About Dragon and Koi’s Team

Elly Mercer and Ryan Thompson are Dragon and Koi. Our team has over 50 years combined metal working, fabrication and design experience.

Dragon and Koi Owners
Dragon and Koi Owners

Elly has spent the last twenty or so years working as her father’s apprentice, after she attended college in Las Vegas, where she earned her degree in interior design. She was inspired by her mother Peggy, who shared her amazing retail talents and design experience. While Charles shared with her his knowledge of metal fabrication and design.
Elly also owns Sassafras Hawaii LLC with her parents. They have been making and selling jewelry on big island Hawaii since the year 2000, when they opened their shop at Ali’i gardens in Kailua Kona, then expanded to a second store when they started Sassafras Hawaii in Waimea Hawaii in 2011. See more of their work and family bio at:

Ryan has owned several design studio’s, and has worked with many mediums, including jewelry for design. Ryan started out as making jewelry when he was a teenager in Seattle, making chain mail necklaces and bracelets to make ends meet as a young artist. Since then, Ryan has fabricated amorized gun traps for target ranges, and has created geodesic dome homes made of EMT steel conduit.
Ryan is learning about watch designing and watch making, and we are proud to offer some unique watch complications and designs. Ryan has owned Emerald Sun Design studio and Clovis Star Media, making a variety of products via a variety of mediums, from t-shirts, to 3D printing to custom signage.
You can see more about Ryan’s bio and projects at:

Ryan and Elly are proud to be a part of rebuilding Kona after the recent years and world health issues devestated our economy. We are looking forward to a vibrant and amazing economy in the years to come and we are proud to be a part of rebuilding it with our friends and neighbors.

Mahalo for spending time learning about our family business.